Search bar for your website? Yes or no?

Whether you're building your own website or having it completed professionally, a question that may have come to mind is this:

"Should I have a search bar on my website?" 

Perhaps you haven't asked yourself this question yet. If not, you definitely should consider this feature. Here's why: 

1. Understand what your visitors want to know and adjust your content accordingly.

Squarespace allows you to see exactly what your users enter into your search bar. This is important for two reasons:

  1. You may not have key information that your visitors seeking, and it could be frustrating! If you're a restaurant in a city and you find that users have searched "parking" in your search bar, you'll know that it is time to put that information on the website. 
  2. You will learn what information you DO have yet is difficult to find. If you're an events center and you find that visitors are searching for "room capacity" but you have that information on the website already, it may be a good idea to put that information in a more accessible location. 

The process of viewing what your users search for and then rearranging or adding content is all part of your content strategy. Intentional content placement is key to offering your visitors a frustration-free experience on your website, vastly increasing your chances of them reaching out to you.

2. Reduce uncertainty among your visitors and set the tone for your future relationship.

Okay, this is a little nerdy, but I'm drawing from the uncertainty reduction theory, also known as initial interaction theory, which concludes that strangers meeting for the first time take hints and gather data from the very beginnings of their interaction to predict the other's personality and behavior, thereby creating a stronger sense of security about the development of any relationship.

If a potential customer or client is viewing your website for the first time, the uncertainty reduction theory applies. A conversation has begun and a future business relationship is hanging in the balance. Indeed, the content on your website plays a major role in offering security to your visitor by providing accurate and adequate information.

So how does a search bar further increase this sense of security? It does so simply by opening the door to find more. A search bar creates the sense of transparency and willingness to share. In doing this, you set the tone for future interactions: You're ready to answer questions and you're full of knowledge. 

3. It's just helpful!

Why do people use Google? It's quick, simple, and gets the job done. A user can easily find your operating hours, an address, or a service. Making your online experience as helpful as possible will, in a sense, speak well of your customer experience. 

Does your current website not allow a search bar?

Feel free to reach out! We offer the best website option for small businesses, churches, non-profits, and individuals who need personal websites. Our websites are built on Squarespace and come with free website analytics so that you can know what your users search for and which pages they visit the most. My email is I would love to hear from you and answer any questions with no strings attached.