What does it take to make a website?


3 meetings


Are we the right fit for working together?


Let’s establish the direction of your website.


Check it out! Your website is almost done!


2 weeks

If you provide the content and photographs up front, the usual website only takes about 2 weeks to complete.


1 training

Every website project comes with a 60-minute comprehensive Squarespace training so that you can update and manage your website like a pro.


Can we meet in person?

Totally! I love the chance to meet my clients face-to-face. Tell me your favorite coffee shop in the Twin Cities and I’m there!

I’m out of state… how do we meet?

No problem. I’ve worked internationally via Google Hangouts and it works great.

Do I need to have ALL my content done before we start?

Ideally, yes. With completed content, I’ll know your business better and have more clarity for design and structure.

What are your working hours?

Monday–Thursday, 9am–4pm Central. But we sometimes sneak a little work in on the weekends :)

So, will I just be thrown into a cookie-cutter process?

NO. We don’t believe in such a thing. Your website will be as unique as you are, and we will tailor a process that works for you. Want to meet more than 3 times? No problem! Need more than 2 weeks? That’s totally okay!

Will you send me a contract?

No. Contracts are so… cold! We opt for the more personal and flexible option: a proposal. No binding clauses, no signatures… just mutually agreeable terms with room to wiggle and adjust.

What other questions should we be answering here?


Once a client, forever a friend.

Once we launch your website, the relationship doesn’t have to end. We’ll always be here for you if you have any questions or concerns, or you just want to reach out! We’re glad to offer direction months after your project is complete. For changes to your website like a new style, page, or feature, we’ll work at our rate of $80/hour.