LAUNCHED: Minnetonka Choirs

Our latest website is up and running!


Minnetonka Choirs just launched their new, state-of-the-art booster club website and we all are just so excited! Click here to take a look >>

Vocal Support is a booster club that offers financial and organizational support to the Minnetonka Choirs community. It is comprised of parents of students who understand the life-long value of being a part of a choir. These parents offer their time and resources to create fundraisers, serve as volunteers, and organize events to maintain a firm foundation for the choir program in the Minnetonka School District. 

Some of my favorite features

Homepage video

I just love that one of the first things a viewer sees on the website is the video with "Be part of a legacy" displayed over the top. The video invites the user to experience the awe and wonder of being a part of a Minnetonka choir. Squarespace just makes it so easy to include fast, high-quality videos on a website. This is because the videos themselves are hosted on a powerful third-party server such as YouTube or Vimeo. In a day and age when YouTube videos can acquire over 3.5 billion views in a matter of months, it is clear that people like videos and videos draw people in. 

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The concerts event feed

The Vocal Support team emphasized to me that they needed a clear and effective method of communicating choir events to the community. Part of the solution was to put a feed on the homepage that would automatically update with the next upcoming concert so that parents, students, and other members of the community can easily find what they are looking for. These events can be organized by school and grade, and then tagged with other specific characteristics such as choir type, choir name, or concert theme. 

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A problem we faced was how to help parents and community members find the exact concert they are looking for in a sea of many concerts from many schools and grades. We decided that it was important for a user to be able to easily select a school when looking for a concert. You can see that below:

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News & Updates on the homepage

The choir program at Minnetonka is a living and breathing community—always changing, always doing. As a former member of Minnetonka Choirs, I can attest to this, and it's awesome!

Parents, students, and community members are kept on their toes with all of the various events and announcements that happen even between the concerts. Students and parents need to know when auditions take place, where to pick up new uniforms, and when to arrive at a concert. Community members want to know when various fundraisers are happening and if the Chambers Singers will be appearing at the Christmas market this year. All of this can be found in the 'News & Updates' section. Each item in the collection can contain written information along with photos, maps, and even forms where people can sign up to attend or volunteer at an event. 

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It is so easy to get in touch

A parent has a question about enrollment—no problem. A former student wants to reach out and say hello to their former teacher—super simple. A community member wants to know where volunteers are most needed—just fill out the form. Today, over 75% of internet usage is done on a mobile device. Minnetonka Choirs needed a website that allowed anyone to contact them from anywhere and on any device. This form works great on mobile so that contact can be made quickly.  

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Want to see more? Check it out here!