Squarespace Map Block or Embedded Google Map: Which one should I use?

If you're building a website on Squarespace and you need a map, you have two options:

Map Block  OR  Embedded

Let's take a look at each of these two options. 


Side-by-side comparison

Squarespace Map Block


Squarespace Map Block


  • Cleaner look

  • Different color options

  • Includes a scale


  • Fewer features

  • Must include link for more directions manually

  • Automatically zooms when scrolling over map; could be confusing.

Worth noting

  • Maintains aspect ratio, not height

  • When zoomed in, other businesses do appear. They can be clicked but display fewer options.

Embedded Google Map

Embedded Google Map


  • Includes title and address by default

  • Shows a "Directions" link

  • Includes rating

  • Must hold 'option' to zoom, less confusing for user

  • Option to view in Satellite mode

Worth noting

  • Maintains height, not aspect ratio

  • Includes many other surrounding businesses, even when zoomed out, which can be selected to see their addresses and ratings

My opinion? I think each option has its place, but I prefer the embedded Google Map. 

The Squarespace map block offers a few advantages, one of which is that it allows us to change the color scheme of the whole map. While I almost always prefer the Original (colorful) style there may be some who, in order to maintain a complete black-and-white look for their website, prefer the greyscale. The map block option also lends a more minimalist and focused look by leaving out surrounding businesses (unless zoomed in) and eliminating other features. Lastly, this is the easier type of map to add for beginners.

The embedded Google Map is a little more casual in appearance which may be an advantage or disadvantage, depending on the business or organization. When compared with the Squarespace map block, it includes far more features. Personally, I like seeing all of the other small businesses and enjoy living in a community where small businesses support each other. Finally, the upper-left-hand block of information is valuable and allows the visitor to go further into learning more about your businesses. The reviews are a huge perk, too. 



Want to learn how to add these maps and try each option out yourself?